One of the biggest questions, if perhaps not the biggest question, when it comes to selling a pest control business is: “What’s it worth?”

This can be a tricky question to answer for Pest Control Operators who are looking to sell their business, with many factors coming in to play. As an owner of a private pest control businesses, you have two roles. First and foremost, you’re an investor. You have significant concentration in your portfolio in that a lot of your personal wealth is tied up in the value of your business. Secondly, you’re a full-time business manager, responsible for setting strategy and organizing the resources and capabilities to serve the customer.

When it comes to valuing a pest control business, my team will you in order to get the most from the business you have worked so hard to see become a success. I’m sure you have many questions for us so take some time to make your list and then give us a call. As you would expect, all communication will be held in confidence and not shared with anyone outside of our team.

We both want to see if this will be a good fit for your customers and employees. There are so many ways of structuring a deal for you so let’s put our heads together and get some ideas on paper.