Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control Strategies and Treatments

When dealing with residential pest control, there are 5 components that we at Side By Side Pest Control, LLC like to practice and preach:

  1. Inspect
    After all, the key to success is information. The more information that we have about you pest problem, the better job that we can do to control or eliminate it.
  2. Prescribe
    After inspection we work to formulate a responsible plan based upon the situation and the requests from our client. We always work with our clients and their situations to find the best possible pest control solution.
  3. Treat
    Once we've prescribed a solution, it's time to treat! We begin the curing process and we do all of the hard work for you to rid any pests from you life, for good.
  4. Communication
    That's not the end you may ask? Of course not! Communication is key and an informed customer is a happy customer. We detail our final reports of the pest control solution or solutions and provide information to avoid further pest inhabitation.
  5. Follow-up
    When our initial service ends, it is just our beginning. We make sure to follow up regularly to make sure that any pests are not coming back and that your quality of well-being back to normal.

Covering Exterior, Interior, and Grounds

We cover residential pest control of any exterior structures such as:  Decks, lighting, foundations, fireplaces, hose spigots, roofs, gutters, siding, downspouts, eaves and entries. Some of the pests we will be dealing with in these areas are crickets, cockroaches, ants, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes, moths, beetles, rodents, animals, birds, termites and silverfish.

We cover and exterior grounds such as:  Sheds, garbage areas, planting areas, trees and woodpiles. Some of the pests we will be dealing with here are spiders, wasps, ants, rodents, animals, birds, flies, ticks, crickets, cockroaches, termites, snakes, beetles and scorpions.

We cover interior finished and unfinished areas, such as:  Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, hearth, windows, pet bedding, potted plants, laundry, pantry, sink cabinets, trash, tub/shower, laundry, basement, garage, attic storage and crawl space. Some of the most common pests we may encounter in these areas are: crickets, cockroaches, fruit flies, fleas, ants, silverfish, spiders, rodents, scorpions, stored product moths and beetles, cluster flies, lady beetles, wasps, termites, fungus gnats and powder post beetles.

Some of our treatment techniques include:  Crack and crevice, voids, spot, ULV space, direct contact, perimeter, exclusion, baiting, monitoring and trapping.