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Side by side Pest control
  • Adeniyi A Odugbemi – QA Manager, Mountain View FoodsAdeniyi A Odugbemi – QA Manager, Mountain View Foods

    It is with great pleasure that I am recommending Mr. Brian Mapes to you. I am the Quality assurance manager here at Kroger Mountain View Foods and Brian has been our Pest Control contact. He has been our only link to his organization and he is nothing but professional and respectful of his organization.

    My experience with Several Pest services officers is leading me to recommend Brian for further pursuits without hesitation. Brian is a remarkable marketing talent, who sourced for this business long before I started searching and convinced me why his services are superior in the community.

    Demonstrating skill and knowledge in every aspect of pest control operations, Brian has been able to make tremendous improvements in pest control strategies and techniques as we started this brand-new food processing facility. Brian has been with us since we started this facility and has tenaciously worked to provide a stable and qualitative pest control program for us. He is always prompt, effective and follows through on all commitments. He was able to help the plant staff understand ways to effectively perform our internal pest control services.

    I think extremely high of Mr. Brian Mapes and therefore, it is my utmost belief that he will bring his unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to any organization he works. He has my highest endorsement and recommendation.

  • Bob Hart – Food Safety/Receiving BUL, Denver Frito LayBob Hart – Food Safety/Receiving BUL, Denver Frito Lay

    I’m writing this letter of recommendation for one of our outside contractors we use here at Frito Lay in Denver.

    His name is Brian Mapes and he provides many services to us in the area of pest control.

    Services like rodent, insect and bird management along with product aeration in our arriving train cars.

    When inspections or additional services are needed, everything works well with Brian’s oversight. I highly recommend his services as we have enjoyed him for several years now.

  • Eve Gonzales – Logistics and Distribution Coordinator, UnisourceEve Gonzales – Logistics and Distribution Coordinator, Unisource

    I am writing to recommend the services of Brian Mapes. We have used him for the past three years and have been completely satisfied with his services. He will always give me an update of what he did or didn’t find in the traps and will make suggestions on areas that need improvement.

    I feel confident in recommending Brian’s pest control skills. He is not only thorough, but also easy to work with, and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns and respond to questions.

  • Joshua DeLong – Safety Compliance Manager, Food Bank of the RockiesJoshua DeLong – Safety Compliance Manager, Food Bank of the Rockies

    I would like to recommend Brian Mapes for services as a pest control technician in food distribution facilities. Brian has provided Food Bank of the Rockies with excellent pest control service from December 2011 to the present. Although I myself have only consulted with him for a year, in that time I found him to be diligent, communicative, accommodating, and dedicated to helping us achieve our food safety goals.

    Brian serviced our main facility of 106,241 square feet and our commodities facility of 35,700 square feet once a week. His service visits include checking and servicing rodent monitoring devices, placing and analyzing pheromone traps, analyzing and servicing insect light traps, and monitoring and servicing exterior rodent bait stations. Brian provided detailed service reports that included recommendations for building maintenance and personnel practices that would help to ensure a pest-free facility.

    I was certainly pleased with Brian’s work ethic and willingness to assist us. On occasions when we experienced appearances of ants or other pests, Brian would address the problem immediately; often within a couple of hours after receiving our report. When we underwent a third-party safety audit the inspector found Brian’s services and documentation to be acceptable for high food safety standards. I feel confident that Brian would provide superior service for any food distribution or warehouse facility.

  • Jeff Hammerschmidt – Safety and Security Manager, Sysco DenverJeff Hammerschmidt – Safety and Security Manager, Sysco Denver

    Sysco utilizes the services of Brian Mapes to assist us in managing our pest management program. Our pest management program is never an area of concern during audits. Brian is very diligent and does an excellent job in all areas; inspections, documentation, recommendation, and communication.

    What is most impressive, Brian makes himself assessable and is available when emergencies arise. Brian will go aver and beyond to service our needs. Brian sincerely cares about his customers and it’s definitely reflected in his work.

    Brian’s performance speaks for itself.

  • Andy Newkirk – VP Operations, Sysco DenverAndy Newkirk – VP Operations, Sysco Denver

    I’m writing this letter of recommendation for one of our outside contractors we use here at Sysco in Denver.

    His name is Brian Mapes and he provides many services to us in the area of pest control. Services like rodent, insect and bird management along with animal trapping. When inspections or additional services are needed, everything works well with Brian’s oversight. I highly recommend his services as we have enjoyed him for over 5 years now. Just recently I gave him a deadline of three items needing to be completed to satisfy one of our customers, and he came through great!

    Brian will do great in any challenge he puts his mind to.

  • Matthew Porter – Director of Warehouse, Sysco DenverMatthew Porter – Director of Warehouse, Sysco Denver

    I am writing to endorse Brian Mapes for his great work in pest control with our company.

    Brian has serviced our company for some time now and does an outstanding job from documentation and paperwork to personal follow up on any issues. He is quick to respond to any requests and always follows up to make sure we are satisfied with his work.

    I’m convinced Brian would be able to perform this level of service for any company that he becomes affiliated with. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like any additional information.

  • Steve Chacon – Warehouse Manager, Sysco DenverSteve Chacon – Warehouse Manager, Sysco Denver

    I would like to refer Brian Mapes to your company for similar services that we have been able to enjoy for the last five years. We have successfully had rodent and insect control and will be adding bird control in the next month. This has been a wonderful service which allows us to concentrate on our business and not have to think about this area of protection. I would highly recommend this service to any company who sees the value as we do.

  • John Williams – District Manager, RentokilJohn Williams – District Manager, Rentokil

    This letter is in reference to the work ethic, leadership, drive, and performance of Brian Mapes. I hired Brian as a technical service per about 3.5 years ago. Since then, he has shown tremendous achievement and been an integral part of the success of our District. He consistently outperforms his peers in quality, production and sales.

    He also does a great job taking up leadership roles through coaching other technicians, sharing best practices, and consistently looking for ways to better himself and the team. He consistently sacrifices his time and energy to do what’s best for the team and has proven himself as a reliable and a lead by example colleague time and time again.

    With Brian’s ambition, attention to detail, heart for the company and dedication to his clients, I have to mirror one of our client’s statement. “If I could clone him for every tech position, we would be flawless.” Brian embodies the traits, intelligence and capability that any manager desire for a colleague, as these aspects are the roadmap to success.

    I have been extremely lucky to have him on my team. I have also learned quite a bit from him and know that he will be successful in whatever he puts his mind to.

  • Steve Batchelder – Maintenance Manager, Packing Corporation of AmericaSteve Batchelder – Maintenance Manager, Packing Corporation of America

    Brian Mapes has been the primary pest control person for this PCA facility for the last two years. He has done an excellent job maintaining that function of this facility in both field work and administrative work required. Our customers require us to maintain accurate records of all pest activity and remediation of that activity. Brian has been charged with insect, rodent, noxious weed and overall related issues. He has maintained all records well above and beyond not only our expectations but those of our customers and corporate auditors as well.

    Brian put together a project to eliminate all spider web and spider activity in this building of 180,000 square feet. He successfully completed the project as it was outlined in order for us to get the work done but also to stay within a monthly budget. His work on this project gives us the ability to take that kind of effort and demonstrate to our customers our solution to a problem that may have come up in the future. Effectively heading off complaints and possible loss of business should that become a problem.

  • Amanda Wenzell – Food Bank of the RockiesAmanda Wenzell – Food Bank of the Rockies

    Please accept this letter as my personal recommendation for Brian Mapes. It has been my pleasure to work with Brian as a pest control technician for the Food Bank of the Rockies Nome Street facility since October 2013. During this time, Brian has been exceptionally helpful and dedicated to keeping our products safe and educating the food back staff.

    By providing technical expertise and preventative solutions, Brian has been a key contributor to significant improvements made at the facility. For example, Brian recommended a bug light for the west wall next to the agency loading dock, which was later also recommended by the AIB Food Safety Professional during an unscored audit in November 2014. It was helpful and encouraging to be able to tell AIB auditor that we had already ordered the unit and were planning to install it right where he advised, per Brian’s recommendation.

    Brian is always willing to educate myself and y staff, and answer any questions we have regarding food safety and pest control. He makes sure I fully understand any corrective actions needed and the reasoning behind them. It is also worth noting the Brian has developed a comfortable working relationship and excellent rapport with all staff at the Nome Street facility. We all genuinely enjoy working with him and would not hesitate to do so again.

  • Michael Goertz – Chief Engineer, ABMMichael Goertz – Chief Engineer, ABM

    I wanted to say thanks to Brian Mapes for the good work that was done at Centretech with the installation of the bird netting over the cooling tower. Brian’s positive attitude and professionalism was apparent and appreciated!

    The netting itself is doing a good job and has already shown that it will stand up in snow, not restrict air flow, and mainly, keep the birds out!

  • Reyne Salonya – JM SwankReyne Salonya – JM Swank

    We here at the Denver JM Swank warehouse have had the pleasure of having Brian Mapes serve us. The services he provides for us always has been extremely thorough and explaining every issue he may come across is detail. We enjoy his friendliness and we always feel confident in his abilities to help with our needs and/or concerns.

  • Cindy Hammel – Quality Assurance Manager, Rocky Mountain Spice CompanyCindy Hammel – Quality Assurance Manager, Rocky Mountain Spice Company

    As the Quality Assurance Manager at Rocky Mountain Spice Company, I would like to personally recommend Brian Mapes for Pest Control Management.

    I have had a great experience for several years working with Brian to ensure we have a successful Pest Control Program. He has excellent attention to detail and is organized and reliable. He is always available for questions and always follows through on any issues that we have – from identifying insets to suggesting solutions for controlling an increase in seasonal pests.

    Additionally, Brian takes the time to get to know our warehouse personnel and works with them to help maintain a clean and pest free environment. Brian is approachable and always arrives with a great attitude and enthusiasm toward his job.

    I would highly recommend his as a competent, knowledgeable professional in the Pest Control Industry.

  • Shirley Smith – Branch Administrative Manager, Mac GrayShirley Smith – Branch Administrative Manager, Mac Gray

    Brian Mapes has serviced my company for the past several years. He does a good job of keeping our office and warehouse pest free. I feel that he offers quality service at a competitive cost.

    I would recommend Brian Mapes to other owners.

  • Mike Digan – General Manager, Vie De FranceMike Digan – General Manager, Vie De France

    I would highly recommend Brian Mapes for any pest control services you may encounter. I have found him to be thorough, professional and immediately responsive to all of our pest control needs and problems. Whatever issue you may encounter, I can personally attest to his knowledge and enthusiasm in solving any and all issues which may occur.

  • Margaret Paul – President, Empire Warehouse, Inc.Margaret Paul – President, Empire Warehouse, Inc.

    I just wanted to say “Great Job”! We were recently Inspected by one of our shippers and received 95% out of a possible 100%! Pest Control received a perfect score! Thanks for doing a Superior job!

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