As our human population increases, we continue to expand our urban and suburban areas into undeveloped areas. As a result, we continue to displace all sorts of animals. That’s one of the reasons Side by Side Pest Control, LLC was created and now specializes in wildlife control. We see that the calls for this type of service will be increasing and the need to solve many of these conflicts will continue on for some time, especially in the Denver area. We have some interesting challenges because on most occasions, we want to return the animals back into the wild. In other cases, the actual destruction of the animal is warranted. Rarely are any two wildlife problems alike.

Wildlife Control and Potential Preservation

We look at six components to our wildlife control: Inspection, identification, and analysis. Then sanitation, exclusion and deterring, and lastly removing or destroying the animal.

Besides the wildlife common pests, we also have seen and control:

  • snakes
  • raccoons
  • bats
  • woodpeckers
  • squirrels
  • rabbits
  • shrews
  • moles
  • voles
  • pocket gophers
  • prairie dogs
  • skunks
  • feral cats
  • woodchucks
  • opossums.

Of course, some of these animals are protected in some areas so we will investigate for you before we begin, however, we will always complete the job in a manner that is requested by the client and does not step outside of the bounds of any state or federal laws or regulations. Wildlife control, again, is an ongoing issue that we come across almost daily. Many wildlife can be no fun to have around your business or home property, and in many instances, can be dangerous to have around your home or business. This is why Side By Side Pest Control, LLC is here to help out in any way that we can.

When you get in touch with us to have us help with your wildlife control problems, we'll communicate with you fully to help understand and correctly solve your problems. Our appointment goals include understanding what you problems are, what is important to you by asking questions, and to efficiently work to resolve your problem for good. We really enjoy making our solutions all about you, focusing and understanding your needs. Contact Us Today to discuss your wildlife problems with us.