Many of us actually enjoy birds, that is, until they become a pest. Some of the common birds that we treat as pests under our professional bird control services are:

  • pigeons
  • sparrows
  • starlings
  • woodpeckers
  • geese
  • gulls
  • crows

All of these birds and more can become a pest. Birds are known to harbor disease organisms that may affect people, pets and domesticated animals. Bird control and scientific sources have concluded that many birds play a role in food-borne illnesses. Anytime bird flocks inhabit areas in closeness to people, there is always at lease the potential for disease transmission.

Bird Control - Controlling The Flocks

Here at Side by Side Pest Control, LLC technology is always improving to help us better use bird control methods. For a commercial/residential pest operator like ourselves, we have so many ways to keep these pests at bay. We have the ability to use:

  • netting
  • baits
  • repellents
  • spikes
  • shock tracks and wire
  • exclusion (sealing up the cracks)
  • traps
  • shooting
  • tactile gels

When we get a bird remediation request we focus on these components: a survey, sanitation, exclusion/habitat alteration, repellents and population reduction. Safety is one of our highest concerns for ourselves when working at heights. We have over 100 pictures of jobs we’ve done in the past several years. Some clients want no harm to come to the birds so we comply with their wishes to create a solution. We have the ability to clean up an area of droppings and nesting materials as part of our solution for you.

I could find ten or more locations that need this service right now in any city. How many can you think of?

Every job is unique with birds so please give a call so we can look at some solutions. Our goal is to keep your image clean for everyone to see.