Can you believe that there are over 70 species found in the United States alone?! These little pests have been able to survive many changing environments over the years and unfortunately for years to come. Roaches are one of the most adaptable insects making cockroach control very difficult. Not impossible mind you but a challenge.

Leave The Cockroach Control To Us

When Side by Side Pest Control, LLC gets a call for this pest, we think of ways to control these pests without using any poisons at all. If our customers and our company take a joint-effort in changing their environment, we are part way to a solution. We want to rid the area of food, water and harborage areas so this pest will begin to reduce in numbers. Of course, we will add some of our favorite gels, baits and dusts if we see this will be a good “one two punch”. One of the reasons we don’t count on insecticides is because some roaches have become resistant to some treatments. Having a multiple approach has helped us have a much higher success rate than just spraying only.

Roaches spread germs and filth from where they come from into our food supplies and other surfaces. Just like rodents, they contaminate far more than the food we may eat, as some people even have allergies to these pests. It’s not uncommon for someone to have an asthma attack due to the droppings or their bacteria. Other diseases transmitted by cockroaches include diarrhea, dysentery, food poisoning, nausea abdominal cramping and other illnesses. For your health and others, get this taken care of NOW.

Cockroaches eat a variety of many different foods. Their bodies are flat which allows them to hide in many small areas. With specialized pads on the feet, they can easily climb glass windows and walk across the ceilings. One female can produce up to eight egg capsules in their lifetime with each of them having as much as 48 eggs. This can and will get out of control very quickly if not taken seriously from the beginning. Very rarely will elimination be possible with just one treatment. You hire a professional pest control company because of our expertise and knowledge of a pest.