Spiders are easily recognized by most people as they are mostly seen in forgotten corners crawling around with their long legs on their spun webs. If you look close enough they have a jaw-like mouth and fangs and eight distinct, specialized legs. One of the keys of spider control is identification.

Most spiders that create webs indoors are not dangerous to humans but are unsightly and make a place look un-kept. Some of the more dangerous spiders to be weary of would be Black Widows, Hobos and Brown Recluse spiders. These spiders cause painful bites, swelling, redness and itching. The Recluse creates a wound. If you are ever bit by one of these you must visit a doctor right away and, if you can, take the spider with you to the doctor to be identified.

Spider Control and Removal

Remember, outdoor spiders away from the home are beneficial because they eat insects. They may not always look so pretty, but they effectively sometimes do our job for us, preying upon mosquitos, flies and other insects. Our company is often called out to perform an Exterior Power Spray to the foundation of a building and spot treat the interior doorways for under $200 for homes and an affordable price for businesses. We even place several glue boards inside to use as monitors for any future visits. This helps us see were the heavy pressures are coming in from.

There are steps you can take to prevent some spiders from finding a nice place to live inside. Removing clutter and taking other sanitation steps like keeping the moisture down and removing the webbing you see will help some. Often the job gets too big to handle on your own so give Side by Side Pest Control a call to see how fast they can get over to your place to get these pests under control.