With ant control, you can always tell the difference between an ant and a termite. The ant has elbowed antennae, two pairs of wings of equal length, you can see the eyes and they have a thin waist. Ants nest indoors and outdoors with their food and water resources close by. About 40 species of ants live in the United States with some of them being somewhat difficult to control.

Accessing Ant Control and the Damage Ants Cause

Ants consume a variety of many different foods from sweets, different animals and other insects to plants, just to name a few. Ants can and do bit humans, and their bit feels much like that of a mosquito, however the bit may remain for longer than that of a mosquito. Our inspections will be on the lookout for warm and moist areas just to get started. We’ve also found that one nest of ants is not always the main nest. Often times several nests are affecting the same area and those ants could continue to be a pest if they’re not all treated at once. Many have come to find that foraging ants travel up to, or more than 100 yards to find food and return it to their nests. It does not take much to see several ants in and around your property.

When Side by Side Pest Control, LLC gets your call to come out to perform our professional ant control services, we know exactly what to do because we have years of past experiences with these little pests. First, and most importantly, we look to see which species we are dealing with and make a plan to manage them for you. Most times ant control cannot be done with just one visit, but we communicate with you as to the proper plans of treatment so that those pesky ants go away and go away for good.