Snake ControlSnake control is a unique sort of pest control service, as most snakes in the United States are harmless. But because some poisonous snakes do occasionally visit businesses and home properties, it is helpful to know a company that specializes in snake control like Side by Side Pest Control, LLC, who is nearby to take care of pest problems for you.

What Makes Snake Control Unique?

Snakes are predators and eat a variety of animals like frogs, toads, salamanders, insects, worms, birds and small rodents. When we are called out to your property we will also look at why this pest was attracted to the area. So questions that we may ask will be:  Was the exterior cluttered with woodpiles or rock piles? Was the area damp or does your property have a large rodent population that has not been addressed? There are a number of inspection points that our technicians will look at to see why this snake is there and what can be done to prevent his buddies from coming over next week and for weeks to follow.

Side By Side Pest Control LLC specializes in all circumstances of snakes being considered as pests, after all, snakes can be dangerous when not treated with the correct care and precision. These reptiles, more times than not, just like to keep to themselves and are after one thing and one thing only:  Food. Snakes are one of the ultimate predators, being able to slyly make their way into medium to large crevices, through small holes and under fences to seek the food that they desire. If these areas that snakes desire include your property, do not hesitate to give us a call

We have at our disposal several ways of removing future snakes from coming into your area again. Since every property is different, we make a ‘custom-approach’ and this gives us the highest success rate. I’m sure you will have success and be happy to recommend us to others.