Fly and Mosquito control is important because these pests are not only a nuisance, but some of them bite and carry diseases that are dangerous to humans. Reports have shown over 100 different diseases that are carried by flies and mosquitoes, some media worthy diseases like:

  • yellow fever
  • malaria
  • west nile virus
  • typhoid fever
  • anthrax
  • cholera
  • roundworm
  • tapeworm

Many of these diseases can be prevented with proper fly and mosquito control.

Denver's Fly and Mosquito Control Company

Side by Side Pest Control, LLC has a program to help individuals like yourself for a one-time knock down or better yet, an ongoing scheduled service during peak times of the year. Technology is always improving in the pest control world. For a commercial/residential pest operator like ourselves, we have so many ways to keep pests at bay, such as:

  • residual and contact sprays
  • larvicides (kills insect larvae)
  • baits
  • traps
  • exclusion (sealing up the cracks)
  • repellents
  • foggers.

House Flies
House flies have mouth parts that enable them to ingest only liquids but their bodies have been landing on all kinds of gross things so we don’t want these pests anywhere around us. Drains are an issue with flies because some flies breed inside these pipes and keep populating an area that most people do not want flies to be. Many people also do not know how to get rid of them or use harsh chemicals that may cause more problems than they are worth.

Fungus Gnats
Fungus gnats, simply can be avoided indoors by not allowing moisture to accumulate or over-watering house plants.

When it comes to mosquitoes, many good recreational areas are not usable during certain periods of the year because of these ‘blood-suckers’. Stagnant water in any amounts must be controlled with the prevention of these pests from multiplying.

With your flying pests taken care of, you will have more time to enjoy your property and keep visitors from being bothered or from getting sick from flies and mosquitos. We have a special truck mounted duel-tank system where we can treat your weeds and insects in one visit. Most other companies only have a single tank that must be cleaned out before the next application. Contact us today to discuss your fly and mosquito control problems with us.